British Pie Week

It's nearly British Pie Week!

March brings with it a delightful occasion for pie enthusiasts across the UK – British Pie Week! Beginning March the 4th, this week holds a special place in our hearts. It's a time when we roll up our sleeves, fire up the ovens, and dive headfirst into a celebration of all things pie. Join us as we share our passion for crafting pies that capture the essence of British comfort food.

Here at Lime Tree Pantry Foods you can quench your thirst for pies by exploring our full range of delicious sweet pies and our fulfilling savoury pies, all of which are encased in our award winning, melt in the mouth, shortcrust pastry. Our pie shop in Ollerton has been the heart of our operations for many years. It's where we make each of our pies for you to enjoy. We also have a range of cakes and pastries for you to indulge in as well.

For us, British Pie Week isn't just about baking pies; it's about honouring centuries-old traditions and recipes that have been passed down through generations. From the rustic charm of our Steak and Ale pie to the comforting warmth of our Chicken and Mushroom pie, each of our pies has a homemade feel, "Just like grandma used to make".

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